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FEH Projects takes very distinct view of the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry to support production, research and development. We have a dedicated team of staff, backed by our international affiliates, to deliver on specific projects and product needs, in collaboration with world-renowned Original Equipment Manufacturers. We also provide services that aid projects directed towards the innovation, introduction, and improvement of products and processes across the industry.





Procurement, installation and maintenance of processing/production equipment

FEH Projects provides advisory services and procurement, installation and commissioning of a diverse range of processing and plant equipment. We supply a vast range of plant equipment including custom designs and refurbished plant equipment, which could be either delivered to site on supply-only basis or we could install and subsequently maintain the equipment. We guarantee quality management of a wide range of mechanical installations such as:

Mechanically engineered system
Steel work design and construction
Machinery installations
Storage vessels installations
Packaging equipment




Procurement and installation of laboratory equipment


FEH Projects supplies and installs equipment to a wide range of industrial, life science and water testing laboratories. We also supply to Scientists, Engineers and Consultants, in scientific research, quality assurance, water monitoring and testing of manufacturing processes. Our offerings cover a wide range of analytical equipment that aid product on-site and field testing. They include:
Chromatography equipment
Thermo-analytical equipment
Viscometry/Rheology etc
We also ensure you are able to maximize your investments by training your end-users and also providing after sales support, after equipment installation.




Raw material supply


At FEH Projects we globally source, and supply a wide range of raw materials, for pharmaceutical, beverage and dairy, confectionary and bakery, food supplements and nutrition, food service and processed food industries according to customer demands.






Safety equipment products and services


FEH Projects supplies a wide range of health and safety products and services that are paramount in manufacturing and laboratory environments, examples of product range includes
? Display & Presentation
? Fire Safety & Safety Training
? First Aid Equipment
? Handling, Access & Storage
? Pedestrian & Traffic Control
? Pipe Marking, Tags & Labels
? Safety Signs
? Security Equipment
? Site Maintenance & Facilities
? PPE & Work wear






Quality assurance services


Quality assurance means developing operational controls to ensure that the products match the desired outcomes. Customer service operations are designed to keep customers satisfied while protecting the organization. FEH Projects offers a host of quality assurance services, they include:
Quality personnel training
GMP equipment and training
Validation and qualification
Packaging and product testing regimes etc

Our packaging analyzers cover all product testing parameters such as
Tensile strength
Air permeability
Torque testing
Impact testing
Leak testing
Heat seal tester
Friction tester
Peel resistance
Compressive strength etc.



We work hard to provide best service for your needs, and part of our commitment to you is to provide a wonderful experience when you partner with us. Let us know how we can continue to improve your experience by contacting us. We want your feedback, whether you have a question or comment about sales, support or even the functionality of the site.

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