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IMG-20120328-01037FEH Projects joined several other organizations from around the world to participate in the Arab Lab Expo 2012. The analytical laboratory industry trade show took place on the 26th to 29th March, in Dubai.

The exhibitions at this industry-leading event, centered around new technologies and methodologies for increasing laboratory productivity and innovative time-saving solutions. 

Also present at the event were several manufacturers of analytical laboratory equipments such as Eppendorf, Sigma Aldrich, Hanna medicals, Merck, PANalytical BV, Tintometer GmbH, International Cryogenics Ltd, Falc Instruments, Sartorius AG, Mettler Toledo, Kimble Chase, Thermo Scientific, Life technologies, Rheotek, Astell, Sheen instruments, Binder, Adam Equipment Co. Ltd, Grant Instruments, WTW Wissenschaftliche-Technische Werkstatten GmbH,  VWR, Genlab, Labtech LLC and a host of others.

Several recent innovations and technologies were showcased amongst which was the new the Agilent 7200Q-TOF for gas chromatography and mass spectroscopy (GC/MS).  

The participation of FEH Projects at Arab Lab 2012 will be of tremendous benefit for its clients, as it will enable the company to be able to provide latest innovative and cutting-edge technology products to its clients who include multi-national companies, government organizations and private sector businesses.

Florence Acha, Group Head of Business Development and Strategy, FEH Projects, who represented the company at this event, said: “This leading professional and industry leading event has broadened the horizon of FEH Projects with respect to selection and delivery of products that represent the cutting-edge of innovation. It also has afforded FEH Projects the opportunity to broaden its partnerships with product manufacturers from around the world. Ultimately it is FEH Projects’s clients that win from this our access to wider product and solutions options.”

FEH Projects, as a matter of policy, invests in its staff and processes to enhance productivity and excellent delivery of services to clients and community. 

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